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Training and Prevention

Our training and prevention programme is informed by our over 30 year history of providing specialist sexual violence services in London and delivered by accredited front-line support practitioners.

We take a feminist approach to sexual violence training and prevention, located within a framework of violence against women and girls and rooted within our best practice model of empowerment. We believe survivors of sexual violence deserve support and understanding from any and all agencies they access. To support this we offer bespoke specialist training and prevention programmes in all aspects of sexual violence to both statutory and voluntary agencies as well as private companies.

We are pleased to be back working in schools and youth settings, delivering sexual violence prevention with children and young people.

We continue to provide an adapted online training programme to multi-agency practitioners.

Training with Multi-agency Professionals

Our training service is here to support your work in meeting the needs of survivors both accessing your organisation and within your organisation. We have delivered specialist sexual violence training to professionals across health, social care, education, youth, housing and the criminal justice system across the country.

Our training is:

  • Practice-based and informed by our front-line work: All of our trainers are front-line practitioners who are experienced in supporting female survivors of sexual violence and hold an in-depth knowledge and expertise of sexual violence. Rape Crisis Centres such as ours hold practice based evidence and use this, combined with research, to ensure our training reflects the reality of sexual violence and the experiences and needs of survivors.
  • Bespoke: We work with you to ensure all of your training needs are met and you are able to deliver the quality service to survivors that they deserve.
  • Multifaceted: Training themes include rape, childhood sexual abuse, survival and coping responses, the Criminal Justice System and support and information for responding to disclosures within our holistic model of empowerment.
  • Certificated and can count towards practitioners continued professional development.

We provide a range of training and awareness workshops to multi-agency professionals, challenging the myths around rape and childhood sexual abuse, developing an understanding of  the impacts of sexual violence and best practice in responding to disclosures.

Prevention with Young People

We also believe in primary prevention and that taking the time to talk openly and honestly to young people about topics such as gender stereotypes, sexual violence myths and consent can empower them to challenge the attitudes and beliefs that support sexual violence.

With this in mind we have developed a series of workshops for young people aimed at building self worth and self awareness as well as challenging the myths of sexual violence & encouraging young people to adopt a critical perspective on body image & gender roles.

In addition, the demand for placing prevention and youth education at the core of ending violence against women and girls has lead us to developing a specialised training for education and youth professionals interested in working with young people to prevent sexual violence. In a full days training we;

  • explore the gendered ways in which children and young people are experiencing violence and abuse
  • develop a deeper understanding of how rape, sexual assault and consent are defined in law
  • develop an awareness of the impacts of sexual violence on children and young people
  • gain an awareness of a whole-school approach to preventing sexual violence
  • develop a model of best practice in responding to disclosures of sexual violence, including how to refer to specialist support services

Is there a cost for delivery?

Where funding permits, we can sometimes offer training and prevention delivery for free to schools, local authorities and smaller organisations within the voluntary and charity sector across south London.

If funding is not available then we will charge a fee for our delivery. Concessionary rates are available for schools, local authorities and smaller charities. Please get in touch to find out if we have funding to work in your area or to discuss costs for delivery.

Any funds generated from our training and prevention delivery go directly back into providing front-line services for survivors. This means that alongside developing your own and organisational response to sexual violence, you’re contributing to more survivors themselves being able to access specialist support through our National Helpline, counselling, advocacy and outreach services.


To talk about your training and prevention needs, please call 0208 683 3311 or email training.manager@rasasc.org.uk

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