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As the world continues to face an unprecedented crisis, we have all had to adapt to change. Any change can be hard. When this is combined or related to surviving sexual violence it can be completely destabilising – particularly when regaining control and a sense of safety is at the heart of many women’s resistence and survival.

To enable survival, might mean disconnecting ourselves from our communities, families and friends, which in turn could lead to many feelings of trauma, grief and fear.

For survivors of sexual violence who are already living with the impacts of sexual violence, this can be an added blow to deal with, and you may find that you are feeling even more triggered than usual.

It takes time to work through the impacts of sexual violence and all the changes that brings for someone and their life. There’s no right or wrong in ‘how long’ this should take and it is definitely not linear.

We hope the messages below from our wonderful team of therapists here at RASASC offer some support and encouragement to you.

Be kind to yourself through this time, taking each moment by moment, day by day and know that you are not alone.

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