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RASASC responds to Department for Education consultation into changes to Relationship and Sex Education

In September 2016 the Women and Equalities Committee published their report  highlighting the extent of sexual violence and harassment being experienced, disproportionately by girls in schools.  The evidence collected and recommendations made from this inquiry were significant in the governments later decision to make the teaching of relationships and sex education (RSE) compulsory in primary and secondary schools across England.

Before Christmas, the Department for Education launched their consultation into what a relationship education (RE) and relationship and sex education (RSE) curriculum should include. Given the scale of sexual violence and harassment perpetrated against women and girls within our society, we strongly recommend a curriculum that challenges the root causes of gender inequality, violence and abuse  from a very early age. We believe all children and young people have the right to learn about their rights to freedom and bodily autonomy, to be treated equally and with respect, and to live their lives safe and free from the threat or experiences of violence and abuse. An RE and RSE curriculum informed from a gendered and intersectional perspective, rooted within a violence against women and girls framework and whole school approach is key to achieving this.

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